Fiction translation

In the process of this complex translation, a piece in one language is created in another one. It is worth remembering that the literary works, unlike music, painting etc. can’t be understood without knowledge of the language in which these works were written. The work of a professional translator includes the specificity of re-expressing the original creative work.

The problems of fiction translation consist of the laws of literary genre. Translation of texts have been made since the old days, the fiction translation is no exception. Opinions on how the fiction translation should look have changed over time. For a long time, there was an opinion that the translation must completely replace the original. In our time it is believed that a fiction translation should follow the original as much as possible.

The fiction translation is one of the most difficult kinds, because of the need of excellent knowledge of not only foreign, but also the native language. A word-for-word type of translation can’t be used when making fiction translation. And sometimes a well-known word may have a very different interpretation, the meaning of which is rarely used. Not knowing any subtleties can bring not only the loss of meaning, but also make a translator look stupid. Sometimes mistakes are made by the authors, and the translator may correct them with the permission of the author. There are many such cases, and you can often find a different description of any object in the book in two different languages. In other words, the fiction translation carries the aesthetic, creative complexity and understanding of the author’s intricacies.

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