Consular legalization.
Compared with the apostilling, the consular legalization procedure is more complicated and less universal – a document prepared for a particular country can’t be used for another country.

12 working days + destination country consulate period
7,500 thousand rubles + cost of consulate services

Legalization in a Moscow Civil Registry Office.
The stamp is affixed on the original certificates: birth, marriage, divorce, death.

5 working days
3,500 thousand rubles

Legalization of Russian educational documents

Legalization of higher, vocational and secondary education documents for countries being members of the Hague Convention consist in apostilling of the original documents. Apostille on the original documents of education indicates authenticity of the seal of an educational institution and the authenticity of signatures on official documents, i.e. signatures of rector, dean, principal, etc.

TIMING AND COST: 2 months 5,500 rubles

Certificates of origin of goods – chambers of commerce and industry of the Russian Federation certify them, as well as other documents related to foreign economic activities in accordance with the Regulation on the procedure of registration, certification and issuance of certificates of origin of goods, as well as other documents related to the implementation of foreign economic activities.

3 working days + the destination country consulate period
4,000 thousand rubles.

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