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Manual is a document that is of practical importance. It’s not just a legally significant paper that can be read, put in a safe deposit box or on an office shelf and forget about. It is a mini-guide, which is used by people – both ordinary users and technicians. In order that a manual really helps and is not a useless free application to the product, it needs to be competently translated.

Translation of instructions shall be made if the product is planned for production not only for domestic use, but also for export. However, there are not many products entering the world market among Russian companies. But there are far more dealers and suppliers – the companies involved in the supply and resale of goods produced in other countries. It can be any product – from complex technical equipment for a plant to over-the-counter medicines. And in both cases the efficiency and proper use of this product depends on the correctness of the manual translation.

Translation of manuals is very difficult work. In order that the end user understands, what a product or device is intended for, how does it works, how to use it and what to do if you face any problems, the manual must be translated correctly and fully. We all know the situation, when a manual written in Russian letters is applied to an expensive Korean TV, but it seems it was made in another language. This translation is not useful at all.

If your company manufactures products for export, you have the responsibility for the quality of the manual translation. The quality of the text is not just the image of your product, brand or the entire company. This is the image of the entire country. It is no secret that Russia only enters the world market, and even such minor details at first glance can spoil the impression of end users.

If you need to translate, or perhaps apostille documents, birth certificates, please contact our specialists. With access to a great number of employees, we can afford to do the work of any size within any time convenient for you.

Translation of manuals is performed by qualified technical translators, well-versed in the fields of engineering, information technology, medicine and other fields.

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