Translation of certificates

From birth to death, each of us is accompanied by documents. First, it is a birth certificate, which is obtained by our parents, and indicates the most basic data – name, surname, patronymic of the child, mother and father, the date and place of birth. Until the age of fourteen and obtaining a passport, a birth certificate is the main document, which should be treated with care. After obtaining a passport and attaining majority, we can get such documents as a marriage certificate, and then, if not lucky, a divorce certificate. All these documents are very important in our lives, because when going abroad they need to be translated. Translation of certificates may be required in the case of inheritance, citizenship, marriage, buying real estate or any other property in another country, as well as in other situations.

Translation of a birth certificate may be required if the child is born in another country, and his/her parents have Russian citizenship. In this case, the certificate shall be issued in the state structures of another country, and upon arrival into Russia, it is to be translated, and there is almost the same situation with the passport translation. The same applies to situations of international marriage when one spouse is a citizen of Russia and is going to move back home with his/her child.

Translation of a marriage certificate is required, if the marriage is issued outside our country, and the spouses or one of the spouses is a Russian citizen. The certificate issued in another state after returning home is to be translated.

If the marriage is dissolved for some reason, and one of the former spouses is about to go abroad for temporary or permanent residence, it is likely that he or she will need to translate a certificate of divorce. This document confirms the marital status of the person traveling abroad, and does not allow him or her to make the second marriage without divorcing the previous spouse. There are other situations where you need a certificate of divorce.

Certificates of birth, marriage and divorce are documents that not only confirm our social, marital status, but accompany us during the whole life. And they should be treated with care, because the loss of or damage to such documents could threaten considerable fines. If you need a translation of the certificate, please contact our company. We will carry out the work as quickly and accurately as possible, and return the documents to you in the same form as you gave them to us. If contacting our office, you will be able to receive services of the highest quality!

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