Legal translation

Legal translation is work that requires the most careful attention. Many things – the outcome of the transaction, relationship with a foreign partner, business prospects abroad depend on how correctly the text will be translated. And the main difficulty is not only legal terms and phrases, but also the specificity of a foreign language.

Of course, the terminology is one of the most important parts of any legal text. When performing translation of a statute or contract, a specialist must first understand the terms. Special dictionaries, and sometimes – the client’s knowledge are often used for this. In the latter case, the work on the glossary is conducted jointly with the customer, who is well-versed in this field.

Compilation of a glossary is just the first part of the work on the translation of a legal document. After all obscure terms and phrases are translated and understood by the translator, he/she starts working with the text itself. In this case, he/she will require not only a rich vocabulary, but also the knowledge of law, and a subtle flair. Quite often, the literal translation does not reflect the essence of the phrase or the whole text, and the slightest inaccuracy can lead to serious consequences.

Definition of legal translation

This kind of translation, which directly affects the legal system, is required for the conveyance of any kind of legal information between people who are, respectively, native speakers. As the legal system is directly related to the socio-political and cultural factors of the country, in this connection, legal translation is complex and requires special accuracy, clarity and reliability.

The scope of legal translation includes: translation of laws, treaties, court decisions, notary certificates, legal opinions, powers of attorney, etc.

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