Summary on the English language

All technical documents in the world, with rare exceptions, are available in English. Therefore to make a high-quality translation of technical documentation, it is very important for a translation agency to have translators who are not only fluent in English, but also well-versed in technical terms.

English belongs to the Germanic group of the Indo-European family. It is spoken as a native language by about half a billion, and as a second language – by over billions. It is one of the six UN languages and the official language of the UK.

English belongs to the analytical language type due to the severity of the phrase construction. Writing is based on the Latin alphabet and has 26 letters. The main difference from the Russian language is a very important sequence of words in phrases because of the identity of single-root words, and the lack of mute letters, with a few exceptions.

More than half of dictionary words in English are borrowed, and about 30% of them came from the German, 50% from the Latin, and the rest – from the Italian, French, Spanish languages, etc.

According to M. Muller, the English orthography is a national disaster, since language learners have to learn writing and reading of each new word because of a huge number of rules and exceptions.

Nevertheless, the complexity and unusual rules do not prevent the language from occupying the second place in the world in terms of popularity.

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